About us 关于我们

About us 关于我们

Hangzhou Harlequins RFC was established in 2006 by foreign expats who just couldn’t live without the joys of rugby. Initially the club’s founding fathers played touch rugby, before going full contact in 2008. Since then they have competed against many teams in competitions all across China.The majority of our players come from overseas, mainly Europe, southern Africa and Australia, along with a few American Football players who’ve seen the error of their ways.

The club has gained significant sponsorship with international companies, such as SDV and Air Liquide, as well as local bars, Vineyard and Maya, which backs up our reputation for being a very good social team in China.

Besides regular contact training, the Harlequins stick to their roots with weekly touch sessions, which attract a broad range of players (including the occasional lady). We also strive to promote rugby in China with additional coaching sessions for Chinese university students and children.

Our 10 Years anniversary video (backup link to QQ if you can’t access Youtube):





俱乐部曾经获得很多国际大企业的鼎力支持和赞助,如SDV国际物流集团和法国液化空气集团。而且我们在国内也享有良好的声誉,并获得了杭州当地酒吧Vineyard 和 Maya的赞助。