Hangzhou Sino 10’s Tournament Results

Hangzhou Sino 10’s Tournament Results

Last weekend, Hangzhou had the opportunity to host the concluding chapter on the Sino 10’s League for 2015. All 7 teams competed, with Hangzhou even fielding two sides named Harlequins Pink and White. The weather turned out to be pretty gloomy but not too cold, so the supporters were happy.

With two groups of four teams, there was a lot of competition in place and many tight games throughout the day. The two Hangzhou sides were split into each group.

In group 1, Hangzhou Pink faced; Shanghai RFC, an early game and suffered a heavy loss but shout out to Paul Baratte for his wonderful solo try; Shanghai Dolphins, first time against this team, but unfortunately major injuries with three key players had a detriment effect and another loss; and Suzhou, a physical game which resulted in tries for both sides and a well fought battle of rugby, leading a draw at 12:12.


In group 2, Hangzhou White faced; SUS, the well drilled university side came prepared and racked up four tries against the Harlequins; Wuhan Baiji, began as a very physical game but poor discipline in the Whites led to numerous penalties, giving Wuhan room to run tries in for a win; and Nanjing Rockets, a team out for revenge from the previous tournament proved they had more heart, edging in two tries to 0.







With a step in the world of the future, all referees mounted a GoPro on their chests to film all the games. A video playlist of the games are available on youtube (VPN req’d): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdL2DE-B0pCO4yBIBeW8XxNYSgS2XCNoj

Following this all teams (bar the lazy-arses Suzhou) headed to Wades Bar & Grill for some quality food and usual rugby banter. Great new place in Hangzhou, with lots of room even for 7 rugby teams!

The Harlequins have got a knock on the head during this tournament and it shows there is a lot of improvment needed in all areas of the game. More participation is required at training to help improve the team altogether, as usual sessions are on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Plans for the Christmas Dinner and Night-out will be announced in the coming week.


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