Sino 10s Second Leg – Nanjing – November 5th

Sino 10s Second Leg – Nanjing – November 5th

This 2nd leg of the Sino 10s league saw the Shanghai Twin Dragons step up in place of the Yiwu Mustangs as numbers forced their withdrawal. This meant that any results would equala 30-0 win for whoever played them. Due to the conflicting events of the weekend,Hangzhou called in a few favours and brought in some players from around Zhejiang, including Yiwu and Ningbo. Even though the team had only a little experience playing together, there was still great confidence and spirit to bring them out for the day.

The Quin’s first game of the day was against league leader’s Shanghai and began very tight with Shanghai leading by 5 before halftime, however experience showed and Shanghai got into their rhythmfor the second half with tries flowing. Final score 5-26. The second match had Hangzhou against the Twin Dragons in a game with predetermined points. Nonetheless, Hangzhou showed respect for the opponents by playing to the best of their abilities and proving to be a better side. Final score 17-10. For the last game of the day, Hangzhou was pitted against the other Shanghai Silver Dragons team, Shanghai Green. After a long, drawn out day with big breaks in between games, the Harlequins had lost their edge, which wasn’t helped by some injuries picked up throughout the tournament. Poor focus led to some costly mistakes in the face of some very passionate plays by the Quin’s. Final score 5-26.

This tournamentsaw the continuing dominance of the ShanghaiSilver Dragon’s firstteam (aka Shanghai Black).Rockets also proveddominant at home, with 3 wins out of 3, leaving them in a good position for the final leg when they have to play both Shanghai Black and Green. Wuhan were equally impressive with 3 wins in 3, putting pressure on the final leg where teams can fight for their positions in the league play-offs in December. Hangzhou have a lot to prove, now trailing in 5th place, as their desire to finish in the top four is ahead of them.

All pressure is on for the next leg in Shanghai, hosted by the Shanghai Dolphins!

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