Sino Tens finale

Sino Tens finale

Nanjing graciously held the last round of the sino 10s this year in the knowledge that if they won the day tournament they would win the full tournament.

Nanjing and shanghai both dominated in the group stages. Suzhou also ran into some great form at the end of the season with 20 players to choose from! Hangzhou however where still battered and bruised by the previous weeks blood bath with Nanjing in the 15’s league, and although put in some big hits, failed to impress this tournament.

Wuhan also a little depleted in the ranks was shocked by the strength and skill of Suzhou who managed to beat them for third place. This game turned into a very rough encounter with punches thrown and cards shown, however the referee did very well to control it. Had Suzhou hosted there own tournament and made it to Wuhan, the battle for third place would have been very interesting.

The final was as expected between Nanjing And shanghai, first half very even. however shanghai managed to score two break away tries with some impressive wing play, which gave them the win for the tournament and the overall standings.

Congratulations to shanghai.

 Team Points
Shanghai 40
Nanjing 40
Wuhan 33
Hangzhou 28
Suzhou 23

Shanghai wins on head to heads with Nanjing

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