Training 橄榄球训练

Training 橄榄球训练

Welcome to the Hangzhou Harlequins!欢迎来到杭州哈力根橄榄球队!

We have two training sessions per week: one touch rugby and fitness training on Wednesday nights; and one contact based training on Saturday afternoons.

All our training sessions are open to everybody, no matter whether you have never touched a rugby ball before or if you have already won the Webb Ellis World Cup. We also want to welcome any women interested in starting a new sport, we are starting a female squad for the first time in Harlequin History!

Also our Touch Rugby session is weather permitting, but even if cancelled, there is tour stamina training over at our sponsor Vineyard Bar & Grill.

So come down to improve your fitness and meet new people in Hangzhou.

Wednesday Night Training starts at 7:15pm at Zhejiang University Yuquan Campus, at the AstroTurf pitch next to the Qiushi Road Gate.

Adress for map or taxi:浙江省杭州市西湖区黄龙商圈玉古路157号


Saturday Contact training starts at 1:00pm at the grass pitch. We have 2 main venues at the moment so stay tuned for training session announcement in wechat groups.

  1. Grass pitch in Hangzhou School of Media & Communications in Xiasha.

Placefor maps or taxi:浙江传媒学院-体育场

How to get the place: take subway line 1 to Wenze Road station, exit B and go to the north about 10 minutes.


2. Grass pitch in Xixi campus of Zhejiang University.

Easiest way to get it: go to south gate of campus and go to the north throuh it about 3-4 minutes.

Adress of south gate for taxi and maps:浙江大学(西溪校区)-南门

If you live in Yuquan campus then u can walk about 20-25 minutes: to the North by YuGu road, then to the East by TianMuShan Road till South gates and to the North through the campus.


If u take subway then your stop is Wulin Square (Exit B). Walk 2 minutes to the west, Cross the big road by bridge in shopping mall and take bus B7 (3 stops excluding initial) or walk about 20 minutes to South gate of campus.


Directions from the gates: NORTH GATE (gate is on wensan Lu about 50 meters west of baochu road). Walk through the gate and walk straight about 100m…when you get to the badminton gymnasium turn right and walk 150-200m and the gate to get in the stadium is visible. SOUTH GATE (at the intersection of tianmushan Lu and hangda Lu) walk through the gate and follow the road on the left side for about 300m (there is a large grassy area to the right and teaching buildings to the left) when you get to the library take a slight left and continue down the same road another 150-200m when you reach the dormitories that are straight ahead turn left and the entrance to the stadium is right there.

每个星期我们有两个训练班:一个是触摸式训练班, 还有一个冲撞式训练班。

  1. 星期三触摸式训练在浙江大学玉泉校区,求是路门口。晚上7点15分开始
  2. 星期六浙江传媒学院-体育场。下午1点开始


如果你还没打过,别着急! 我们有两个法国来的教练会教你!如果天气不合适,触摸式橄榄球不能进行,在味呀酒吧我们还会做啤酒训练!我们也欢迎女士们来到橄榄求训练,这个年我们有女士的橄榄球队! 来吧开始新的运动,结交新的朋友们!