World Rugby Coaching Courses. L1 in Wuhan and L2 in Shanghai.

World Rugby Coaching Courses. L1 in Wuhan and L2 in Shanghai.

Hangzhou Harlequins attended 2 World Rugby Coaching Courses this summer. Level 1 was held in Wuhan and Level 2 in Shanghai.

Level 1. Wuhan. 25-26 June 2016.

Lawrie, Adrien and me (Timur) arrived to rainy Wuhan late night June 24. Course started early morning next day.



Educators (Pan Chao, Rugby Development Manager, and Simon Pang, Head Coach of Shanghai Rugby Club) introduced themselves and we moved to first part of course: Get Into Rugby.


Many thanks to Ross Sun for organizing this event! He found cozy bar for theoretical part and we used really nice pitches of big stadium for practice (and tried to escape rain under parking roof).


Great burgers and freshly in Bubble Lab to recover and get energy for next day. Harlequins caught SRFC head coach.


We focused more on coaching skills next days, two practical sessions + a lot of theory. Key Factors and Security were our primarytargets.


It was really nice to meet enthusiastic ruggers from all China!


Level 2. Shanghai American School. 13-14 August 2016.

Irepresented Harlequins at Level 2 courses, a lot of people were out of China and Hangzhou before G20 summit.


It was held in Shanghai American School. To be honest I was in awe of facilities provided by the school: 2 rugby pitches in perfect conditions (in August, +35C), baseball, basketball courts etc. Many thanks to Steve Doleman,Activities Director at Shanghai American School, for organizing this event! He celebrated 34th anniversary of his 21st birthday on Saturday by doing his course with us!


But lets return to coaching course. It was much harder than L1. Actually it was really hard. Thanks to our educators Gene Tong (World RugbyRegional Training Coordinator for ARFU/Asia,Regional Training Consultant of Asia Rugby) and Simon Pang (you remember him,Head Coach of Shanghai Rugby Club).

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There was hard job done by everyone, educators and coaches,and I think everyone enjoyed it!




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